Washing Machine Repair Service

    Washing machines are such an important Appliance in the house if you find yours has broken down call us now for immediate attention.

    We will repair your washing machine as soon as possible and get you washing those clothes as soon as possible.

    Call or email us and one of our staff will confirm a time with you to repair your dishwasher.

    You will be offered the earliest appointment available that meets your needs.

    Full 12-month warranty covering callout, labour and parts on all washing machine repairs.

    Common Washing Machine faults.

    Not draining is a problem that can be sorted out in the callout free labour period.

    Our expert Dishwasher technicians know exactly where to look and the fastest way to clear all blockages in dishwashers.

    Leaking from hoses to seals we have the lot to repair your leaking dishwasher.

    Shaking on the floor can sometimes be as easy as re-tensioning or replacing the balance rods. Call for one of washing machine specialists to rebalance that shaking Washing machine.

    Washing Machine Related Errors

    Not tumbling could be as simple as a broken belt or a faulty capacitor. Our expert clothes dryer technicians can have it up and running on the same day.

    Noisy bearing sometimes needs replacing before they do any more damage. Call to have a clothes dryer technician fix that for you and save you money in the long run.

    Not drying can be a number of items. From a safety sensor, thermostat or heating element you will find that most parts will be on board the Repair Vehicles for immediate repair.